Trust Structure

AME REIT is an Islamic REIT established with the principal investment policy of investing, directly and indirectly, in a Shariah-compliant portfolio of income producing Real Estate used primarily for industrial and industrial-related purposes in Malaysia and overseas. The current focus of AME REIT is on Real Estate in Malaysia and overseas investment has not been determined. AME REIT may also invest in other investments as permissible in the REIT Guidelines or as otherwise permitted by the SC. Any material change to the investment policy of AME REIT must be approved by the Unitholders by way of a resolution of not less than twothirds of the votes given on poll at a Unitholders’ meeting duly convened and held in accordance with the Deed.

The following diagram illustrates the structure of AME REIT and indicates the relationship  between AME REIT, the Manager, the Trustee, the Property Manager, the Shariah Adviser and the Unitholders.